Luxury short-term rentals in historic downtown Frederick, MD

Stay 2 days to 2 weeks to 2 months to 2 years!


The "Gestation" Period


In 2010, Frederick Vacation Rentals purchased and began renovating several properties in downtown historic Frederick, with the intention of providing short-term, furnished luxury rentals to tourists, guests of local residents, and corporations needing short term fully-furnished housing for their staff.  


Many skilled contractors contributed to bringing these properties back to their original (and often significantly enhanced) glory. Walls were rebuilt and painted, floors restored, bathrooms gutted, added and refitted.  New airconditioning, roofs, landscaping, appliances, window treatments.  And then the furnishing and decor elements - more about those later.  (Nancy soon discovered the limitations of her abillities and the steepness of the restoration learning curve...) 


Nancy's Owner/Manager, explains the inspiration behind her newest business venture: 

I am an enthusiastic traveler and have been booking my family’s vacations

online for many years.  Before each trip, I spend countless hours researching

unique and comfortable hideaways for us to inhabit – in part because I am

an online travel junkie, but mostly because I believe that the quality of the accommodations is a huge contributor to the success of any vacation.  It's

so much easier exploring new worlds when one's family has a comfortable place

to sleep, bathe, decompress, and plan the next day's adventures.


And even more than I love exploring other parts of the planet, I love introducing

and sharing Frederick (my part of the planet since 1974) with others. I knew

from day one that Frederick County had a very special charm. To me, it has

only gotten more charming (and considerably more diverse) in the past 45 years.


Presently (2019), Frederick has no downtown hotel and just three popular downtown

B&B’s.  In 2011, I was surprised to discover that there was a dearth of short-term furnished properties or vacation homes available to rent in the downtown area – 

a huge omission from my perspective, because Frederick is a wonderful place to visit!

At a crossroads in my life, I decided that something needed to be done about this.      


        Thus the birth of "”   

Nancy Eller, Owner/Operator
Nancy Eller, Owner/Operator
Nancy Eller, Owner/Operator
Nancy, trying to get her paperwork act together!